Huge disappointment

Today I was hoping that my friend would come around and see the light. That maybe the holiday break or a couple days would have given them some time to think through our friendship. However there is still nothing back. No reply to email and on my skype it shows that we are no longer connected. 

My initial reaction was ‘Wow!’ It is hurtful. After so many years and so much time being invested and shared how could they throw away everything? My second reaction was, ‘it could be a computer glitch’, maybe. However I am skeptical. They are so distant and I’ve reached out, I’ve apologized and I am getting no reach back at all. My third reaction is complete numbness. As I’ve said, I have reached out and apologized and there is complete silence. At one point in our friendship they’ve told me that I’ve helped them through one of the toughest times in their life. It wasn’t like they lost a job or moved. They lost a child. I was there for them, listened, would have dropped everything if they needed me too, but now when I reach out because I have a familial concern myself I find that they won’t even talk to me, won’t email, call, disassociate for whatever reason without explanation. I’m hurt. This is definitely a fractured feeling and I am going through a difficult decision of what to do. Not having closure right now or knowing if there should be is hard. The silence and the distance is hard for me, I guess because I am someone who doesn’t deal with being pushed aside easily. I trusted this person and now I feel betrayed. 

What to do now…


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