Being friends is hard

Its hard being friends. There are no roadmaps, no instructions, no guidebooks, not even a recipe for how it should work between two people. Nothing can prepare you for disappointment, argument, or jealousy because all friends fight. They all have issues with each other and at times they don’t talk, that is what makes them friends. What holds them together though is that no matter what happens they are always there for each other. If the world comes crashing down, they are mad over something the other said, or they are just being stubborn- if a friend calls, emails, texts, cries, or stops by everything stops and friendship prevails. That is the bond they have between each other. Nothing matters because they are always there for each other. 

Fractured friends though need helps seeing that it is a given between two people, not an ‘I’ll be there one day but if you piss me off I’m not going to be there the next’. We can’t force them to see beyond their own blinders but we can remind them of what friendship means and if they don’t bite then the question is…

Do we walk away from it?


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