I don’t need a best friend

The words I heard today. You’re right ‘ I don’t need a best friend’ I just need my friend. I need the friend who use to be there, who understood, who cared, who didn’t get bent out of shape over an email. I need that friend. 

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs after seeing my friend, or who I at least call my friend today because they haven’t talked to me in weeks. They needed a ‘break from our friendship’ they said. They would talk to me eventually but I am a strong person and they needed a break. Then are you really a friend? When I left the meeting location today I was beside myself. I felt like I was walking next to myself and asking me questions about what just happened. It was insane. I am questioning if being friends is worth it. 

I don’t need a best friend- well neither do I. I just want my friend back. 


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