Pointless interaction

I’ve talked about this fractured friend I have for a little while now, and I really must say they aren’t just fractured but broken. 

Something isn’t hard wired correctly in them. They take friendship for granted and make you really question why you are even friends to begin with. I am angry, frustrated, annoyed, and most of all agitated that I let them fool me into Brie ing that when they said they would try harder this year to communicate that it was all a lie. So I guess the person I am most upset with is me and annoyed at the existence of the friend or do I even call this person my friend. 

I feel used by this individual when they don’t have the decency to talk to me or have coffee when I am around. Oh and use the same excuses that they used in prior months thinking that I wouldn’t pick up on it. So yeah, I feel used. I’m pretty sure most people would feel the same. They don’t understand that though. It is just another day to them. 

So for the time being- distance. Long and forever silent distance it will be. They brought it on and I am not giving in this time. I’ve had enough. There is a point where people crack and there is a point that people walk away. I’m at the cracking stage. 

Hope this all made sense somehow.