The Chapter is Closed

I have finally closed a chapter in my life after many years. It was time. I needed to no longer be treated like someone who didn’t matter, who was just there to be that someone who has always been there for others and no one was ever there for me. I needed to finally walk away from those who take and never give back. I have no fight left in me to carry on.

I know that it isn’t going to be easy for some time but these last couple days I feel liberated, free, at rest. I am finally no longer wanting to reach out for advice or wonder if I matter at all to them. Friends don’t treat friends the way that I have been talked down too or treated and I now realize that because I have been mistreated this way I too need to go back and apologize to some friends for how horrible I may have been to them. But not this one particular person. There is no way that I will open that chapter of the book again. I am done with that portion of my life and feel better for ending the fight to keep it alive.

That chapter has officially been written and I am officially closing it for good. I’m moving on to better, brighter, more positive role models and friends in my life.

Daily prompt: fight


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