The last nerve 

You’ve heard me rant and rave about my fractured friend. The lack of compassion, willingness to share, be there when I need them, etc. it doesn’t happen to everyone maybe just those who let it and I know some may think I am being too “negative”, but after the years of letting them treat me like this and having always been by there side it has hit my last nerve. 

I’ve tried to be patient, kind, forgiving, and nothing has changed. They still always need their time, space, and feelings get hurt by the smallest of things. What about my feelings? How about how I feel? Oh that’s right I don’t count. Frustrating at best so instead of working myself up into a complete agitated state with them or being mad and feeling like my blood vessels are going to explode- I’m out. 

Now who are they going to count on when they need that person to talk too. It’s going to be a tough one for them. My nerves need a break. 
Daily prompt: Nerve


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