Handwriting as an art form

Handwriting. Not texting, typing, using a phone, snapchat, tweeting, or any other form of social media. Actual pen to paper written words on a page. 

There aren’t very many people who do this any longer. I mean, write one another with paper and pen. A good friend and I do. Not the fractured friend I’ve been venting about. I’ll get there. My good friend and I find that there is an art handwriting a letter. We find the best card, paper, note and then put our words down on paper to each other and tell each how our lives have transpired over the month or couple months. It is nice. 

You can tell a lot by a persons handwriting. I use to get a card for my birthday every year from my grandmother. As the years went on you could see in her penmanship that her writing was getting shaky, her high loops weren’t as high any longer and her ‘o’ didn’t quite close all the way anymore. I still have my very first and very last cards I ever received with her handwriting. A memory I guess of a lovely, funny woman.
Now the fractured friend I’ve found that if I text or email they ‘might’ read what I’ve written and I ‘may’ get a response and I know there is never a guarantee that when I send something handwritten that they will read it but over the last 6 months I did notice it got their attention. I’m not sure if it was because of what I wrote or because they couldn’t hit delete and the message be fine immediately. There is something about seeing words written out. They burn into your mind differently than when you see them on a computer screen. I’m not sure if I will ever write them something ever again but I do know that it gets their attention. 

Handwriting something to someone should mean something. I know for as long as I can write I intend to keep it alive and well. 

Daily Prompt: Handwriting 


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