Lucky Cat

I don’t like cats nor am I a cat person but I have these cats- my lucky cats. Each one holds their own ‘lucky’ charm. Of course I am not sure about this luck as it has yet to bring any of their true good fortune or happiness my way but maybe it is because I need to believe in them more or there is a hidden ritual I do not know about. In any regard here is what they should bring to me:

Gold- will make your dreams come true and bring you good luck in wealth.

Black- will protect you from illness and evil spirits.

Red- will bring you good fortune for business, good health for child.

White- will bring you good luck and happiness.

Blue- will make you calm and relaxed. 

I know that the cat with its left arm raised is usually seen in a business and maybe that is why they do not work for me, but more recently they have been seen in homes. So I thought I’d give it a try-why not. It’s been a couple years now and while most things are good the blue cat can do a little more work for me, it’s been rough lately. Red is pulling his weight. The others are- alright. 

We’ll see…I hear there are owls too. Maybe I’ll see how they do. Especially if there is one to ward off evil friends. 

Daily Prompt: Superstition


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