Fake friends

Fake. We can call a lot of things by this name: foods, handbags, brands, surgical procedures people receive (but I’ll be over here) but one of the most annoying things to me are friends who are fake.

You know the type. ‘Hi hon how are you?’ Kiss, kiss hug, hug and pretends to listen about your day but intently stares at their phone, chews their gum and then talks about themselves. Did they even hear what you were saying? 

I tried something one day with a friend like this I switched it up and did it to them. They asked if I had heard anything they said. I was in fact paying attention and heard every word they had said but I said, ‘you didn’t like it did you?’ I got their attention. Needless to say, they were one of those whom I threw out in my closet of friends recently. We don’t need fake friends in our lives. We need people who matter.

Daily Prompt: Fake


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