Disappointment through the years

Disappointment. It’s a heavy word. 

We learn from a young age that people can be disappointed in us for not helping our siblings with their homework, lying, not taking out the garbage, or various other items. Disappointment is all around us but we also learn to let it go and bounce back quickly. 

As we get older and feel more, disappointment is not as easy to let go. It sinks in and becomes part of our soul. Words don’t fall off as easily, we hit rock bottom when people put us down and tell us they are disappointed or they disappoint us. We take it personally when they hurt us. Disappointment becomes part of us. People say that it is easy to forget things and move on, but is it really when you have been disappointed by someone you trusted so much, gave your heart too and they ripped it to shreds? Is disappointment then so easy to get over?

I don’t believe that as we get older we get over disappointment as easily but if we could just let it all go I know it would probably make this world a better place overall. 
Daily Prompt: Disappointment


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