Small sacrifices

Everyday we make sacrifices. Some are large, extreme cases and others are small. Most of the time they are small and they go unnoticed. 

I’ve sacrificed my time and energy for this fractured friend for over a decade and gotten nothing back in return and found that all those small sacrifices build up to a larger more defined sacrifice that needed to be addressed- removal. It was time to no longer sacrifice my well being to provide for them. Although it is painful to not have them in my life, I will be better off for it. 

We also sacrifice many things for our children. We as parents will go without so that they will have something better. It is what we need to do for them. 

Sacrificing sometimes doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture either. It is a little thing like giving up your seat to an elderly person because it is the right thing to do. 

Go out of the way sometimes- it will make you feel better. 
Daily Prompt: Sacrifice


Scars on our lives

When we get a cut that is deep we scar. When the scar heals sometimes it disappears or becomes so faint that we forget it is even there. However, the scars that stay with us are the ones that are caused by those we care about- the people in our lives who we trusted, we cared for, we believed in. Those scars are left on our heart, in our minds, and burnt in our souls. 

Scars. The surface scars we can push aside or disappear from our lives forever- but the scars that we have on our hearts will never leave us. 

Daily Prompt: Scars