Being off point and getting in touch with yourself

We go through our lives thinking that we know people and then we get a reality check. We don’t really know people at all. We have been fooled by them or we have been fooling ourselves into thinking that they were something more or something other than what they really are. It is really too bad.

I’ve come to realize lately that someone that I thought was a “nice” person, a “good” person is really just someone who uses others for their own gain. They are someone who puts themselves before others and never really cared about me at all. It took just a couple words for me to realize that it truly was a waste of my time after all these years.  It may seem strange to some for the words that I am about to put here but the words are “you were off point”. I was.  To me, it meant that they really didn’t care about what I was talking about. They weren’t following the conversation and were likely annoyed that I even brought anything up to them because all they really cared about was if I was going to “provide” for them in some other way. It dawned on me that it wasn’t right. I couldn’t be treated like this any longer. The chains were finally being broken from this friendship and I can walk away from it. “I was off point”. How many other things over the years was I off on?

I was steaming for a while but it really just set in that this person was not worthy of the person that I have been to them. They had no idea what I have given to them for years and years. Friendship, companionship, trust, myself, listening, empathy, etc. I now have a message for them because they have done nothing for me. They haven’t been there, they haven’t given me anything compared to what I’ve given them and no matter what happens from here on out- I am free.

They lost a good thing. Don’t talk to me for days, weeks, months. That isn’t my problem. I played by the rules and I did everything I knew how to. I can do no more for this friend. Yes it is hard to cut the cord but at the same time it is such a good feeling to let go.

Has anyone ever felt like that? If so share what you’ve felt. Have you been told you were “off point”.


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