The Blues

When you walk away from someone although it is an instant gratification that they are gone, there is a period of time that you are down and for no other word to describe it-blue.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t go and look at my email. I wouldn’t. For two weeks now I have stayed away from my email and I’ve for the most part been fine but today something drew me to it. I laugh now but when I opened it earlier it was empty. I miss the interaction and I miss the every now and then conversations. I feel cold without the interaction but deep down I know that it is the right thing. They were a horrible person overall to me and even though I have had my moments of complete loss (7 step process of grief) I know it is the right thing to do.

There are the blues though and I can’t shake them. They are cold, gloomy and they follow me around lingering in the shadows.  I need something to get me through it all.

If I can only shake these feelings and moments of emptiness. If only.


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