My meaningless post


There are so many times that I have gone over things in my head and come up with nothing regarding my fractured friend. Lately though it has become apparent that it really doesn’t matter. They will never show their true feelings, be upfront, honest, real with me. They hide behind their glasses and their books and their profession- they will never tell me what they feel or what they really want. 

It is meaningless to me to have been friends with them for so long and yet I still remain constant in their lives. This time though I walk away for good. 

So long, have a nice life. It’s been interesting at best. 

Daily Prompt: Meaningless


Do I or don’t I 


I have this desire to reach out and contact my fair weather friend who has the ability to be a jerk and treat people horribly. I know it is wrong to do and I should really be held back. Again, it is a ‘desire’ that I have yet I have not done anything in the past month so I really don’t know how desirable it is any longer. 

Maybe it is just to say, ‘you really can’t treat people the way you do’; or maybe it is to prove that I am still alive! Whatever my reason is I have a desire to do it.

I am not sure when, but it would be nice close the door soon.

DailyPrompt: Desire