We each are a ball of yarn

Yarn. It can be soft, coarse or stringy. When taken in one of those forms one can transform it into something beautiful much like life itself. 

Our lives are like a ball of yarn. We can unwind it to the very end and never allow it to amount to anything. It can unravel and we can wind it back up slow or fast depending on what happens throughout our lives. Or, we can take it and form it into something that is useful, is beneficial to not only us but to others. We can become doctors, lawyers, caregivers, parents, educators, social workers, firefighters. Anything in this world we can be- the ball of yarn can become whatever we decide. 

We may struggle at times and our ball may be get used and life may throw us a curve but don’t give up on your ball of yarn. Continue to use the rest of it and make the most of your yarn because you never know what life changing experience will help shape your life and complete your experiences down the road.

It is up to each of us to make our ball of yarn what we want it to be. What will your ball of yarn become or what has it become? 

DailyPrompt: Yarn


Pause then delete

Sometimes we need a pause in our lives. We need to stop everything and either reset or delete. I know I do, and lately that is exactly what I have done. I pushed pause and now I’m pushing delete.

I look at it like my email, you can either keep it for a while if you need to review it longer or put it in your trash can. Some things in life aren’t worth your time to keep around in your life and you just need to throw them away. People aren’t worth keeping around and you need to throw them away. 

So pause and delete. Simple, easy, efficient. Spring cleaning at its best really. 

Daily Prompt: Pause