Clearing the Toxic Waste from your soul

Time often tells us who is right for our lives and who we should say goodbye too. Signs, symbols, messaging- all things great and small tell us when.

People who we often need to say goodbye too are toxic for us. They bring us grief, cause us stress and undue heartache. Recently, for many years I have dealt with this in my life and although I knew in the back of my mind that this person was toxic for me and that they were not respectful of me I still kept them in my life until it dawned on me, or what i call “the lightbulb effect” it clicked for me and the light came on.

I don’t need the toxicity in my life. I need to be free and don’t need to be in the darkness not knowing what will come next with them. What will their mood be, what will their day be like, when will I see them, do I matter. I was better than that and I didn’t need them to dictate any of those things for me.

Freeing myself from the toxic sludge so to say has been one of the best mind blowing exercises in life yet. Once I made up my mind that I was going forward with this change, I haven’t turned back either. If you have someone weighing you down, take a look at everything- you are worth it.

DailyPrompt: Toxic


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